Of Gentlemen & Cowards

A great band from Hamilton!

The summer has wrapped up to a great close and we had a great time performing at Huntsville’s On the Docks Pub for the majority of the August weekends. Song writing for our upcoming album has been keeping us pretty busy but we’re never too busy to support where we came from. Up until this past spring, Westdale Village in Hamilton has tolerated our noisy band practises without so much as a police visit and we are very grateful to be performing this Saturday, September 20th for the 2014 edition of Westfest. Join us and other local talent along with Westdale(ian?) vendors who will be taking part in this event from 11AM to 11PM. We MaAAAAYYY be playing a new song we recently wrote! You’ll have to be there to find out!

Summers End

Summer is wrapping up, and we are trying to make the most of it by spending the last few weekends playing in cottage country. On The Docks Pub (Huntsville, ON) has graciously hosted us this summer, and we’ll be spending our last days in town on the beach, but nights at the bar playing some covers and originals.
We are also playing at the First Annual Hamilton Beer Festival on August 23rd, and in will be in Toronto August 29th at The Hardluck Bar with Hisland and JJ & the Pillars.
While not playing live (or on the beach), we’ve been writing and are really excited at how the new music is shaping up. We have been taste testing a few of these jams at our recent shows but are keeping alot of the new stuff close to the vest right now.
We’re keeping these new songs under wraps for now, but will hopefully be getting them to you soon with help from Factor Canada and our recent grant award. I would personally like to say thank you to Derek Wilson and Factor for supporting our music, as well as many other great Canadian musicians.

Joshua Dawson

Gilligan’s Island

Hey Everyone,
You might have noticed we are back in Canada after announcing that we would be spending the next six months on a cruise ship… Well, sometimes you’re the hammer and sometimes you’re the nail, other times you end up being escorted out of the country. Rather than dwell on the experience, we are moving on. So, in the next few days we will be releasing some upcoming gigs and continue to do what we do.

Thank you for your love & support
Of Gentlemen & Cowards

P.S. Here is a cartoon* that our bassist drew explaining the whole mishap.
* It might not be factual or even remotely coherent,