Of Gentlemen & Cowards

A great band from Hamilton!

Gilligan’s Island

Hey Everyone,
You might have noticed we are back in Canada after announcing that we would be spending the next six months on a cruise ship… Well, sometimes you’re the hammer and sometimes you’re the nail, other times you end up being escorted out of the country. Rather than dwell on the experience, we are moving on. So, in the next few days we will be releasing some upcoming gigs and continue to do what we do.

Thank you for your love & support
Of Gentlemen & Cowards

P.S. Here is a cartoon* that our bassist drew explaining the whole mishap.
* It might not be factual or even remotely coherent,

We do music

We are Of Gentlemen & Cowards and are a band from Hamilton, Ontario. We play originals and covers ranging from country, to motown, to rock’n'roll, to the nastiest of today’s pop scene (looking at you Miley). We’ll be focussing on writing our first full length LP over the upcoming summer hopefully with a fall release date but in-between writing sessions we are available to play your event in Ontario! For bookings, please contact us at ofgentlemenandcowards@gmail.com

New Record! & Special Guest?

Hey All

Happy Summer! Thought we’d drop in with a little bit of love – have you heard the new record yet? We released our brand new 7″ record on July 5th and couldn’t be more excited to get these two songs out to you guys! (You can download it for whatever you’d like to pay – including free – by clicking the bandcamp banner above.) Song For You is a song that we’ve written and rewritten for over two years – we never really felt like it was where we wanted it to be. It represented a real musical obstacle for us, but it wasn’t until a demo of it got critically torn apart that we were able to sit down, break it down to the bare bones, and build it to what it’s become! As a musician, to see where that song came from and where it is now is one of the most amazing things.

The other song on the record is The Grey, which is a song about the thin line between right and wrong. That song is another really special song to us, because we really wanted to test us as songwriters for this one with new challenges. We all sat down together, and forgot any idea we’ve ever thought of outside of that room – a completely inefficient process – and worked to come up with a song that was 100% born between the four of us in that practice space. From one cool sounding guitar chord, to a progression, to a bass line a groove, the song slowly unfolded before our eyes into a songwriting feat we couldn’t be more excited about!

Also, at our show last night at Corsa Italia Festival, we had Toronto’s major Rob Ford come out and campaign a little bit during our set, which was sort of awkward. The next song we played was the Beatles cover I Wanna Hold Your Hand, which we secretly dedicated to him.

We’ll chat soon!
Cheers, Simon