Of Gentlemen & Cowards

A great band from Hamilton!

Of Gentlemen & Cowards - A great band from Hamilton!


On the lam

2015 has been a very cocoon-mode year for us so far, so we have so much gratitude for everyone who has supported us these past few months. We have slowed down our live shows from the several weekly gigs to a few a month, but this is for a good reason. Everyone on our team here at Of Gentlemen & Cowards has been working incredibly hard to see our new music through because these songs really mean a lot to us. The shape that they will take together is starting to be seen and I’m overwhelmed by this experience I get to share with Josh, Simon, and Jake. We love being able to share these new songs with audiences and because they only exist in performance right now the only way to check em out is to see us live!

We’re playing with our handsome friends Aukland at The Rivoli this upcoming Friday June 26th and we’re excited to be also sharing this evening with The Honest Heart Collective and Native Other.

See you at a show soon!

– Christian